Thursday, September 23, 2010


Myrtle and me was talkin' the other day about the cumputer and decided that we would try out one of these b log thingy's.  I wasn't sure that I wanted to open up and tell everyone about my life, I mean, people readin and knowin everything about you.  But my buddy Haynsy said that I should do it and bring out the writer that's been livin in me.

It is really difficult to do this because I don't have much education.  But I was usually good at spellin.

Now Myrtle, she is the smart one.  She married me didn't she?

Anyway, check back and we'll try to write some things about us and the kids, we've got nine of them.  And Myrtle looks pretty good for having them too.  She's a hot mama!

Now, don't let our name scare you away.  We've got really old parents and they wanted to name us after family who are or at least used to be, older.

Until we write again, this is Bud, signing off.


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